Virtual Volumes View


Catalogue all the media files on your external drives



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Virtual Volumes View is an application that catalogues all the content on your external memory, such as your CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, or USB pen drives. It will help you keep your collection of music, movies, documents, and whatever else is stored on these devices organized.

You can also store the metadata related to any file: author, title, album, etc. The grand majority of the current audio formats are compatible.

Your catalogues can be shared with other computers connected to the same network, meaning you can enjoy sharing all your content with the other users and different devices found in your house.

You'll always have a very organized catalogue of all your media files right within reach and the option of sharing them with any PC in your house or with any other user. This is the tool you've been looking for to replace all the different applications you've been using separately. Virtual Volumes View has it all included.
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